Meet Our Staff


Elliot G. Raizes, MD – Medical Director




Ada Figueroa-Monell, RN, BSNNurse Manager

–Ada is our nurse extraordinaire. When she is not listening to your heart and lungs, she’s calling in your medications or scheduling your referral appointment.  Got questions about your medications?  Ada is your gal!


Lee Farris, MSN, APRN




   Katherine English, LPN – Medical Assistant + Cat Whisperer

   —Katherine is who takes your blood pressure and lectures you about too much salt intake. She can help you get medical and dental referrals and is also a great education resource.  If you have a question about your health…or you just  want to look at a few pictures of her cats, Katherine is the person to see.

Crystal Allen, CPrt, DTRPharmacy Technician

Crystal does everything in her ability to smoothly keep your meds up to date and refilled.
Working cool under pressure is nothing new to Crystal;  she once crossed Tallulah Gorge on a motorcycle.  No really, we swear.



Anika Wilson, BS, NCPTPhlebotomist




Lacey Payne




Andrea Carey, MBAMedical Case Manager + Dancer

–Andrea is one of our elite group of case managers. She helps you get in touch with the resources you need to live your best life.
Andrea is an avid reader – her favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe. Which is weird, because Andrea has won the best smile contest 10 months and running


Patrick Reilly, MPHMedical Case Manager + Community HIV Testing & Education Coordinator + Linkage to Care Coordinator and Explorer

–Patrick is our Energizer Bunny (as you can probably tell by his plethora of titles!) – he helps link you to care, get medicine, assist with barriers that may prevent you from making your appointments, and makes you smile when you need a good laugh.  As coordinator of the free HIV testing program + outreach initiatives; if you need a test or testing event, condoms, lube, or have a question about HIV/need to organize an educational event – he’s the guy to call!


Kim Wasley, LMSWMedical Case Manager + Pizza Queen

–Kim is another of our elite team of case managers. She always greets you with a smile…and sometimes a slice of extra cheese.
Kim is by far the most well connected of our case managers. She can help you navigate healthcare like nobody’s business.


Deborah Swinford, BSRyan White Grants Manager + Quality Management & Data Coordinator



Amy JohnsonAdministrative Assistant + the Queen of Cupcakes

–Amy is the last person you’ll see when you visit our clinic, but she’s first in our hearts.  But we don’t say that just because of her AMAZING
side hustle baking cupcakes and out of this world cakes (seriously, order one, treat yo’ self!).  Is it any wonder Amy wins the easiest to talk to award every year?


 Alvia VegaProgram Assistant + Receptionist

–Alvia is the first person you’ll see when you enter our clinic, and always with the most caring demeanor. She’ll help you schedule your appointments, connect you with whomever you need and she keeps everyone’s information up to date.  Alvia also has a secret life – she does many, many great works in the community (shhhh! don’t tell her we told you).