Case Management

Our experienced Case Managers  identify areas of patient need and through a system of referrals, link clients to a range of essential, patient-centered resources and services they may need to stabilize/improve their quality of life.  Eligibility requirements may apply and waiting lists for services are possible.

During your assessment, the Case Manager will work with you to develop an individualized service plan, and track your progress toward meeting established goals.


Medical case management services help ensure you are ready and able to adhere to complex HIV/AIDS treatments and help with the coordination and follow-up of your medical treatments. These services include:

  • initial assessment of your service needs
  • development of an individualized service plan
  • coordination of services required to implement your plan
  • monitoring + assessing your progress
  • periodic re-evaluation and adjustment of the medical and support services plan as needed


Support social services available through your Case Manager includes advice, assistance, counseling and referrals regarding:

  • housing or utilities
  • financial/public assistance referrals through Department of Family and Children’s Services
  • legal assistance
  • food, clothing and transportation
  • coordination of referrals for health care, mental health services, support and educational programs, medication + community and social services