Our staff  can help you with access to AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) and Pharmacy Assistance Programs (PAP) if you meet  financial eligibility guidelines.
Additionally, medication adherence assessment and education is available.


AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP):


The ADAP is a state administered program that provides HIV/AIDS medications to lower income individuals living with HIV disease and who have absolutely no insurance coverage (except for Medicare).
Currently there is no waiting list  for ADAP in Georgia.  ADAP is authorized under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006, and must be payer of last resort.


Eligibility for ADAP:


  • HIV +
  • Currently reside in Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe or Walton county
  • Have an annual federal income equal to or below 300% of the current Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
  • Not currently receiving or eligible for Medicaid or other third party payer

All clients enrolled in ADAP are responsible for re-certifying for the program every 6 months.



Healthcare Insurance Continuation Program (HCIP):

The state HICP assists individuals with HIV/AIDS who are eligible for the program but unable to pay their health insurance premiums.  This program pays up to $1,100 per month for health insurance premiums.
Applications are reviewed by the State Department of Community Health.  Patients applying must pay the premiums until approval is obtained.


Eligibility for HICP:


  • Have a diagnosis of HIV infection or AIDS
  • Are not currently receiving or eligible for Medicaid
  • Have a gross income equal to or less than 300% of the poverty level
  • Currently reside in Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe or Walton county
  • Must have current health insurance under a group, individual or COBRA policy.



Patient Assistance Program (PAP):

Most pharmaceutical companies provide some level of assistance through a patient assistance program (PAP) for people who can’t afford their HIV medications.  These PAPs are typically for patients without insurance who don’t qualify for
Medicare, Medicaid or ADAP.  Qualifications and criteria vary by program and are based on a percentage of Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Many companies also have co-pay assistance programs for those who have drug coverage through privately held insurance.  These programs may cover all or part of the drug co-pay up to a specified amount.
Certain restrictions and eligibility requirements apply (i.e. recipients of ASAP, Medicare and/or Medicaid are not eligible).  Individuals can get the co-pay card directly from their provider, the manufacturer’s website or by calling a toll-free number.

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