Privacy Policy

There are several important measures we take to protect patient confidentiality:

  • We will confirm your identity at your first visit
  • We never discuss your case with anyone without your permission (this includes family & friends, even during off-duty hours)
  • We keep any records that contain your name or other identifying information in closed, locked locations
  • We will never leave hard copies of your forms or records where unauthorized individuals may access them
  • We keep any printouts of your electronic information in restricted/locked areas, and we destroy printouts once they are no longer needed
  • We only use secure methods to send patient information (for example, official mail) and we will always mark the information CONFIDENTIAL
  • If you require the use of an interpreter, we will ensure that the interpreter understands the importance of patient confidentially

Electronic/Technology Security:

  • We restrict access to electronic databases to designated staff only
  • We keep clinic computers in locked/restricted areas and we physically or electronically lock the hard drive
  • We carefully protect computer passwords/keys, and never give them to anyone unauthorized
  • We carefully safeguard our computer screens

When you are in the clinic:

  • We will conduct your patient interviews in private rooms/areas
  • We will never use your name or discuss your case in public areas
  • If a staff member/health care worker requests your information, we will establish the person’s authority to have the information before disclosing any of your information