Getting Tested

If you are not associated with a patient at our clinic, HIV tests are available for free at all county health departments.

We offer confidential HIV testing for partners and spouses of our clients at the Specialty Care Clinic. To ensure that an individual can be tested, we strongly encourage individuals to call and make an appointment as walk-ins cannot always be accommodated.

Make sure you bring a form of photo identification with you to your testing appointment.

Which test do we use? 

We use the rapid INSTI HIV-1/ HIV-2 Antibody Test to screen for HIV antibodies.  The INSTI  is quick, painless and only requires a pinprick of blood.

With the Insti test, your results are read in 60 seconds.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call or text either:

  • 706-510-8342
  • 706-340-0291