Who We Are

District Administration Staff



  • District Health Director: Claude Burnett, MD, MPH
  • District Program Manager:
  • District Administrator: Emily Eisenman, MBA
  • District Nursing & Clinical Director: Pam Smith, MSN, APRN, WHNP, IBCLC


Program Managers


  • Adult Health Coordinator: Natalie Keadle, MSN, RN
  • Babies Can’t Wait: Ruth Newcomb, M.Ed., LPC
  • BreasTest and More: Pam Smith, MSN, APRN, WHNP, IBCLC
  • Children First: Robin O’Donnell, LMSW
  • Children’s Medical Services: Jennifer Brown, MSN, RN
  • County Health Departments: See list below
  • Dental Education Program: Judy Stephenson, RDH
  • Emergency Medical Services/Trauma (Region 10): Chris Threlkeld, EMT-P
  • Emergency Preparedness: Sarah Peck
  • Environmental Health District Director: Keli Hinson
    • County Environmental Health Managers: See list below
  • Epidemiology/Infectious Disease Unit: Dyna Cross, BSN, RN
  • Ryan White/HIV/Speciality Care Clinc: Ada Figueroa-Monell, BSN, RN
  • HIV Outreach & Testing/Linkage to Care: Patrick Reilly, MPH
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Derrick Gable, M.Ed., CHES
  • Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Lauren Reed, MSW, MPH
  • WIC/Nutrition Program: Kelly Seipker, RD/LD, CBE
  • WIC/Education & Breastfeeding Program: Ann Sears, M.Ed.
  • Women’s Health Coordinator: Carol Lumpkin, APRN, WHNP


County Health Department & Clinical Nurse Managers


  • Barrow County Health Department: Susan Kristal, RN
  • Clarke County Health Department: Marcia Massingill, RN
    • East Athens/WIC Clinic:
    • Teen Matters (Central & Cedar): Whitney Howell, BSN, RN
  • Elbert County Health Department: Wanda Graham, RN
  • Greene County Health Department: Amber Vandiver, BSN, RN
  • Jackson County Health Department

    • Commerce: Elaine McDonald, BSN, RN
    • Jefferson:
  • Madison County Health Department: Ashleigh Grizzle, MSN, RN
    • Madison County Teen Matters: Ashleigh Grizzle, MSN, RN
  • Morgan County Health Department: Leah Anslie, MSN, APRN, FNP
  • Oconee County Health Department: Amy Medina, BSN, RN
  • Oglethorpe County Health Department: Valorie McGovern, RN
  • Walton County Health Department: Lorri Tanner, RN
    • West Walton Clinic: Nancy Williams, APRN, FNP
    • Walton County ACES: Lorri Tanner, RN


Environmental Health Managers


  • Barrow County: Michelle Huff
  • Clarke County: Andrea Kerr
  • Elbert County: Steven Wooten
  • Greene County: Wally Mentel
  • Jackson County: Elliot Rickett
  • Madison County: Evander Baker
  • Morgan County: Lynette Knight
  • Oconee County: Apryl Singer
  • Oglethorpe County: Wally Mentel
  • Walton County: David Dixon

Teen Matters/ACES Health Educators


  • ACES Walton: Kelsey Wiltse
  • Clarke County: Theresa Gonzales
  • Elbert, Greene & Morgan Counties:
  • Madison County: Stephanie Pope
  • District-wide:



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