Public Swimming Pools and Spas

The goal of the Department of Public Health pools program is to:

  • Reduce substantial health hazards and other risk factors that lead to illness or injury through training and enforcement.
  • Conduct complaint investigations associated with swimming pools, spas and recreational waterparks.
  • Perform compliance inspections on all regulated facilities to ensure adherence to design, operation and maintenance rules.

Environmental Health Specialists inspect both seasonal and year-round pools to ensure chemical levels are sufficient to protect swimmers from most harmful organisms as well as ensure adequate safety equipment is present.

Counties located within the Northeast Health District operate under county adopted pool rules.  Contact the local Environmental Health office to obtain county specific pool regulations.


Rules and Regulations Public Swimming Pools, Spas, and Recreational Water Parks, Chapter 511-3-5

Proposed Amended Public Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations Brochure


Pool Owner/Operator Resources:

Pool Operator Training Classes

Construction Plan Review

Hydraulic Analysis Form

Diarrheal Fecal Incident-Steps for Hyperchlorination

Fecal Incident Chart


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