Family Planning Offers FREE or LOW-COST Long-acting, Reversible Birth Control

Website SlideShow Banner1The Northeast Health District offers FREE or LOW-COST* birth control at all of its locations to all residents! In addition to the many birth control options through our Family Planning program, we now offer Nexplanon.

Nexplanon is a small implant that’s inserted into a woman’s arm that prevents pregnancies for up to 3 years and is completely reversible (meaning that if you choose to become pregnant while on Nexplanon, you can get the implant removed and become pregnant). It’s a great option because it lasts for much longer than most birth control methods, you don’t have to remember to take a pill or go get a shot within a certain time, and it’s much more effective than other birth control methods**.


Call your local Health Department or Teen Matters location to find out how you can begin using Nexplanon and feel secure knowing you will be able to prevent pregnancy until you are ready!


*Fees are based on a sliding fee scale, so birth control is very low-cost for our patients.

**Nexplanon does not prevent against STDs or HIV.

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