Signs of Early Developmental Delays

Know the Signs. Take Action.

As they grow, children are always learning new things. These are just some of the signs to look for at each stage of a child’s early growth and development. Looking for early warning signs of childhood problems and obtaining follow-up care is one of the best ways of ensuring a child’s healthy and age-appropriate development.

At 3 months, does your baby:

  • use eyes to follow people and moving objects?
  • respond to loud sounds?
  • lift head while on stomach?
  • cry when hungry, wet or wants to be held?

At 6 months, does your baby:

  • reach for toys and pick them up?
  • roll over (both ways)?
  • turn to the sound of your voice?
  • make sounds?

At 9 months, does your baby:

  • respond to their own name?
  • copy a variety of sounds?
  • pick up things with fingers?
  • know the difference between strangers and family?

At 12 months, does your baby:

  • pull self to a standing position?
  • crawl on hands and knees?
  • wave bye-bye?
  • save one or two words, such as “mama” and “dada”?

At 18 months, does your baby:

  • use eight to ten words that are understood?
  • feed self some food?
  • walk without help?
  • show different emotions (happy, sad, mad)?

At 24 months, does your baby:

  • use two-word phrases, such as “more milk”?
  • run?
  • point to eyes and nose when you name them?
  • copy behavior and actions of other people (adults and other children)?

At 36 months, does your baby:

  • know their own name?
  • wash hands?
  • play with other children?
  • use three to five-word sentences?
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Last Updated on October 30, 2020

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