Septic Tank Permits


Through our sewage program, we provide many services that help to protect public health as well as Georgia’s natural resources. These services include septic tank permits, repair permits, existing system evaluations, site evaluations, and subdivision plan reviews.

Inspections are required for septic tank permits and repair permits. Each inspection is performed by an Environmental Health Specialist according to the Rules and Regulations for On-Site Sewage Management Systems (Chapter 511-3-1). These inspections help to ensure correct installation and proper repair of domestic on-site sewage management systems.

By regulating the installation and repair of on-site sewage systems, our district helps to protect Georgia’s groundwater, drinking water and surface water from harmful organisms and chemicals.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems is a resource developed by the EPA providing a good explanation of how septic systems work and helpful tips on maintaining your septic system.  The State of Georgia’s Division of Public Health has developed another helpful resource, Homeowner’s Guide: On-Site Sewage Management Systems.


Listed below are applications and forms for each county.


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Georgia Certified Pumpers

Georgia Certified Installers

Soil Classifiers



Steps To Obtaining A Residential Septic Permit

Residential Septic Permit Application

Site Plan Required Content

Steps To Obtaining A Commercial Septic Permit

Commercial Septic Permit Application

Septic Fee Schedule

Barrow County Lot Size Ordinance



Site Evaluation Checklist

Site Evaluation Form

Sewer Management Failure Report Form

Site Plan Checklist

Electrical and Water Diversion Forms

Change In Bedrooms Form



Applying For A Residential Septic Tank Permit

Septic Application Site Evaluation

Commercial Septic Tank Permit Information

Request For Service



Request For Service




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