Birth Control and Family Planning

The Athens Area Health District provides confidential and free* women’s health and family planning services to teens ages 11 – 19 at our Teen Clinics, and women of all ages at each of our county Health Departments.

Available Services:

Women’s Health:

  • Preventative yearly physical exams
  • HPV immunizations for boys and girls
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV
  • Cervical and breast cancer screening & referral
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Health education and counseling on topics such as abstinence, consent, safe sex, disease protection and other health concerns

Birth Control Options:

Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC):

  • 3-yr Nexplanon implant
  • 3-yr Skyla IUD
  • 5-yr Kyleena, Liletta and Mirena IUDs
  • 10-yr hormone-free Paragard IUD

Other methods include the Depo-Provera shot, Pill and the Vaginal Ring.  Condoms are available anytime, for free – that’s added birth control and disease protection!

Costs for Services:
Women’s health and family planning services are no charge for teens and are *income based for adult women and men.

All methods of birth control and condoms are free at all health departments and teen clinics.

Planning Your Visit:
Most services are available on a walk-in basis during regular clinic hours. Additionally, a same or specific day/time appointment can be scheduled if you prefer.

At the time of your visit, you may be asked about your household income and family size, but proof of income is not required to receive care.

Parental permission for teens is not required, but we encourage parental involvement in the decision process when utilizing our women’s health and family planning services.

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